Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What are you hiding back there?

Let's imagine a hypothetical situation... I am a manager of the online sales team. It's my responsibility to keep my company's Web status up to date with current product offerings. My company also employs noHold's SalesAdvisor™ technology, enabling customers to ask questions before they buy.

My company just released its newest product and as online sales manager, I need to make updates to the SalesAdvisor. Not a problem! noHold offers access to the back-end of the tool via secure login for as many users as my company requests. I can easily update content with the built-in WYSIWYG editor. And, by designating different levels of access I can have multiple people from my team contribute to the project.

noHold's "open" back-end gives administrators the ability to log in and modify solutions, create new dialogue, export custom metrics reports, and make changes to the Agent's user interface.

While this is not a new feature of noHold Virtual Agents, we have found that no other Virtual Agent vendors offer an open back-end. Other solutions require an IT person from the vendor's side to implement changes, even simple jobs like changing the text in a solution. This can cause frustration in an organization. Not only do they not have access to a tool that hosts their information, they cannot easily make changes on THEIR schedule.