Friday, May 20, 2016

How Will Artificial Intelligence Enhance the Construction Industry

man in construction hat looking at an iPad on a construction job siteAs we are approaching the middle of the year, we have all been hearing the hype about Artificial Intelligence. It is becoming a part of our every day lives without us realizing it. As Google, Apple, Facebook, and more big tech brands are investing in Artificial Intelligence, this technology is all around us. But as I've mentioned before, tech companies are not the only industry that is benefiting from AI/ Virtual Assistants. 

Recently, Diego Ventura, noHold's CEO, was invited to speak with Peggy Smedley on ConExpo-Con/Agg Radio. "As a new radio show voice for construction equipment technology, the podcasts will examine how manufacturers are developing technology that is rapidly enhancing efficiency and reducing operating and maintenance costs, all while maximizing peak performance levels" ( Diego will discuss how he foresees AI fitting into the construction industry.

He will call in to the show on May 31st at 10:30 AM CT. You can access the podcast by following this link and then clicking the 'Listen Live on Tuesday at 10am' link in the third paragraph. 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to Reach 900 Million Users

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One of the most important aspects of creating a successful Virtual Assistant is making sure it is readily available for end users. Its evident that people are embracing Artificial Intelligence in their everyday lives, and companies are investing into it at an exponential rate. Last year alone, $8.5 billion was spent on enhance AI, four times the amount spent in 2010 ( With the demand for AI continuing to grow, and the technology only becoming more advanced, it is important to strategically place Virtual Assistant to reach the most number of users. 

Before, company websites and mobile devices were the primary way to access a Virtual Assistant. Now, with these large companies adopting A.I. practices and the user base they have, Virtual Assistants can be accessed through a wide array of platforms, reaching a broader range of users, and ultimately, potential customers. 

For example, the latest Facebook Messenger announcement, allowing end users to interact with Artificial Intelligence (they refer to it as chatbots). Using API connectors, Virtual Assistants can plug into Facebook's Messenger Platform, connecting to their audience of over 900 million users world wide.

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It doesn't just apply to Facebook's platform though.There are so many platforms like Facebook's M that Virtual Assistants can integrate with such as: Siri, Cortana, Google Now, Amazon Echo's Alexa, Cisco's Spark, Microsoft Skype and more. By moving beyond the web and mobile, companies are able to reach a greater amount of people that already exist on these platforms.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Creating a Virtual Assistant Made Easy

I am excited to share with you a project we have been working on that will change the way content is created and made available. We have crafted a way for anyone (even non-programmers) to turn bulky user manuals into interactive Virtual Assistants.

All you have to do is fill in the Microsoft Word template (provided by noHold) with information on a certain topic, upload the document to our A.I. platform, and then the platform will automatically generate a Virtual Assistant according to your input. Typically, it takes about 6 weeks to create a Virtual Assistant from scratch, but with the use of this template, it can be done within days.

Check out the video for more on this project.

I am eager to see how this will affect the future of Virtual Assistants, and A.I. in general. Feel free to contact noHold for more information about creating your own Virtual Assistant or message me on LinkedIn.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

noHold’s A.I. Platform Expands Virtual Assistants to Every Organization within a Company

Including HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, Sales and Support

April 28, 2016, MILPITAS, CA – noHold, the acknowledged leader in web based self service solutions, expands its Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) platform to include Virtual Assistants that benefit all organizations within a company.

noHold’s flagship product, Support Advisor, typically answers support and customer care type questions. With the help of its customers, and recognizing the growth within the A.I. space, noHold has developed Virtual Assistants with the entire business in mind. Now, Virtual Assistants have graduated beyond solely being a part of support organizations. Recently, the expansion of the A.I. platform has grown to include Virtual Assistants such as:
  • HR Advisor- allows employees to help themselves
  • IT Advisor- for the enterprise help desk
  • Legal Advisor- to enforce compliance
  • Marketing Advisor- to prequalify sales opportunities
  • Sales Advisor- to increase conversion rates
  • Support Advisor- to reduce support costs

The diversity of applications really demonstrates the flexibility of noHold’s platform and the ease of multi-use implementations. "If you look at every technological advance," said [Phil] Libin [Managing Director at General Catalyst and founder of Evernote], "the big jumps forward were when something becomes easier, has less friction, becomes more natural than whatever it replaced - so email from normal mail, chat from email, smartphone apps from desktop apps, I think bots are the next evolution of making something more natural." (Marketplace)

Virtual Assistants are imperative for enterprises managing moving parts. noHold is looking forward to providing more and more clients with a full circle approach to a Virtual Assistant.

According to Diego Ventura, CEO of noHold, “When creating a Virtual Assistant for a specific organization within the enterprise, you must take into consideration the different features needed by those particular business units that will optimize the Virtual Assistant. For example, we discovered that when a Call Center Agent is on the phone with a customer, they need to have a sense of the questions they will be asking and why. In these situations, the Virtual Assistant cannot always ask questions serially, so we implemented the ‘Look Ahead’ feature, designed to show the Agent why the Virtual Assistant would be asking those questions. Having this ability to provide department-specific Virtual Assistants proves the flexibility of our technology.”

About noHold Inc.
noHold is a privately held company established in 1999 and is headquartered in Milpitas, CA, USA (Silicon Valley). noHold is the acknowledged leader in Web based Self-service solutions with a mission to deliver real answers to real questions - real fast. Simple to use, easy to implement and as close to human as you can get, noHold turns automated customer support into cognitive customer interaction. noHold customers include Cisco, Dell, Intel and a host of industry leaders. More information can be found at or subscribe to noHold’s vlog to hear more from CEO, Diego Ventura.

Press Contact
Veronica Cech
Marketing Associate
408.946.9200 ext. 356

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tech Giants Continue to Acquire A.I. Companies at Rapid Rates

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We have never seen technology progress as fast as it does in today's world. 

Within the last three years, it's no secret that corporate giants are extremely interested in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Major players such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Intel, Salesforce, and Yahoo have all started acquiring A.I. companies looking to advance their technology. 

Just in 2016 alone, 4 major acquisitions have already been made. This rapid growth in AI acquisitions is further validation that society is embracing AI, and top tech companies are constantly trying to improve this technology for their consumers.

With almost 2 decades of experience under our belt, we have always seen the A.I. market on a steady incline. It is great to see this spike in the market with everyone jumping on board this A.I. train. 

For more information about noHold, please visit

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Virtual Assistant Placement Adjustments

Placement and positioning play a critical role in how end users interact with a Virtual Assistant. If an end user finds the Virtual Assistant on a product page the assumption is that the Virtual Assistant can answer questions about that product. To enhance the customer experience it is important to take this thought process into consideration. Most clients, when starting out, have a specific placement in mind. Typically, this results in the Virtual Assistant being positioned on one page of the company website. But in a recent review of Virtual Assistant interactions, usage of Virtual Assistants doubled when added to two specific types of pages: Product pages and Support pages. 

Although this worked for these companies, it is important to consider the content your Virtual Assistant contains to increase usage. Does it make sense for the Virtual Assistant to be there? Some may find that having a Virtual Assistant link consistently in the header will better provide service to their customers, while others will limit access to support or product pages.

Friday, April 15, 2016

What's Trending at this Year's F8 Conference

Facebook's F8 Conference was held earlier this week in San Francisco, CA. This is an annual conference for developers to discuss new integrations, open source technologies and the latest immersive experiences.

One of the biggest product announcements at this year's conference was the Messenger Platform. "The new service is a framework powered by artificial intelligence, allowing developers to build chat bots that can communicate one on one with users in a conversational tone. The more use, the more personalized a bot can be in serving a user" (ABCNews). "If you look at every technological advance," said Libin, "the big jumps forward were when something becomes easier, has less friction, becomes more natural than whatever it replaced - so email from normal mail, chat from email, smartphone apps from desktop apps, I think bots are the next evolution of making something more natural." (Marketplace)

Click the picture below to watch a short introduction to what the Messenger Platform can accomplish. 

For a more in depth session on how to build your messenger bot, watch this video of engineers explaining how Messenger is reinventing online communication. It is about an hour long, but gives great details about how the Messenger bots work and a live demo.

This is an exciting time for Artificial Intelligence. As more and more companies are acquiring AI companies and expanding their research and development, the more validation is shown that the world is ready for a more advanced and interactive experience with Virtual Agents. They are becoming the preferred way for companies to communicate with their customers and vice versa.