Thursday, August 29, 2019

noHold, Inc. AI-based HR Advisor Makes it Easy for Both Employees and HR Teams.

 August 29, 2019, MILPITAS, CA – noHold announces its latest offering, the HR Advisor. This AI-based Virtual Assistant is designed specifically to augment the way employees are able to effectively interact with HR.

After interviewing an HR Director of a Fortune 500 company based in the Silicon Valley, noHold was able to understand some of the top challenges HR Directors face. One of her major pain points was figuring out, “How can we continue to service our growing, global workforce with the same staff, but with 4 times the work?” The HR Advisor addresses this challenge by using Artificial Intelligence to answer employee questions that typically congest the HR department. Some examples of the repetitive types of questions that can be automated with the HR Advisor include “Is my family still covered while I am away?” or “How much time do I get for maternity leave?”

The HR Advisor can be built in minutes, with no programming skills necessary. You simply take your current employee handbook and upload that document into noHold’s SICURA® QuickStart platform, which will automatically transform your employee handbook into a Virtual Assistant. Here is a short video clip that shows you the process and outcome:

In addition to decreasing the amount of questions that take up a significant amount of time from your HR staff, another benefit of leveraging AI within the HR department is the advantage of being able to capture “Voice of the Employee” data. According to a national study on satisfaction at work, 75% of employees would stay longer at an organization that listens to and addresses their concerns. The HR Advisor is a great way for employees to provide feedback and employers to turn that feedback into actionable metrics. 

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  1. "75% of employees would stay longer at an organization that listens to and addresses their concerns"

    Amazing, isn't it? Employee Engagement is indeed the game changer. Basically, it's all about "Collaborative Communication" ( and once you know how to the tip the scale the right way, you can count on a staff that is more satisfied, productive and loyal as never before.

    Thanks for sharing this!