Wednesday, November 27, 2019

noHold Announces Sales Companion, the Virtual Assistant that Empowers Sales Teams to Increase Revenue and Reduce Sales Cycles

November 27, 2019, MILPITAS, CA – noHold is proud to announce its latest Virtual Assistant offering, the Sales Companion. Sales Companion is powered by noHold’s patented Artificial Intelligence platform, SICURA® and designed to help three different personas: The sales person, the sales manager, and the sales operations manager.

There are multiple advantages to the Sales Companion for the sales person. One is the ability to search for product information quickly, and easily forward that information on to prospects. This is not only convenient for the sales person, but it also improves the accuracy and consistency of the information being delivered to various prospects. Sales people can also leverage the Sales Companion to easily find arguments to handle objections, highlight competitive differentiators, search complex product catalogs, get assistance with the sales process itself, and find messaging templates.

Sales Managers also benefit from the Sales Companion Virtual Assistant by being able to communicate important messages to the team and encourage them to achieve their goals. It  also helps them make better use of material and techniques developed by marketing, and through metrics, managers can systematically capture what is most critical for their team.

For the Sales Operations Managers, the Sales Companion can be easily built and maintained because the Virtual Assistant is based on Artificial Intelligence developed by ingesting a single document to the noHold SICURA® QuickStart platform; no programming skills necessary.

Diego Ventura, CEO of noHold, adds, “To ensure that the Sales Companion would be adopted by your team we focused on a few critical components. 1) An easy way for marketing and sales managers to communicate new opportunities to the team, 2) an easy way to capture what is important to the sales team and 3) an easy way to create and maintain the Sales Companion itself. Also, we designed flexible pricing that is proportional to the size of the team to guarantee ROI.”

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