Friday, June 1, 2012

Customer Feedback Fridays - Implementation Methods

Different users like to interact in different ways.  The ability to have implementation options allows us to customize an experience that meets the needs of our customers, and the end users. For example, one method of implementing Virtual Agents/Virtual Assistants is via pop-up. Because some end users prefer to block any and all pop-ups, we must offer alternate options.

When implementing any technologies, one question you should ask yourself is "how much flexibility do I have with this technology?" In other words, if you decide to implement an experience for your customers be sure that it can evolve with the changing consumer and your business requirements. Having the added benefit of using the same technology across multiple properties is also key. For example, in the slides below, you will see an example of a Virtual Agent "embedded" into the support site. The same Virtual Agent is used for internal call center agents. For call center agents, a button can be created in the CRM system to launch the Virtual Agent with one click.

Since I'm a show-and-tell kind of user, I would like to show you some examples of implementation methods. Instead of providing you with an actual feedback from a customer today, I will let the examples (below) speak for themselves. Here is a list of implementation methods you will see in the slides:

-Ask Field
-Social Media (Forum/Facebook)

Happy Friday.

Implementation methods lookbook 2012
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