Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Leading Telecommunication Company Praising noHold.

Happy Throwback Thursday!
For this weeks throwback, I found a customer satisfaction letter back from 2003 that I wanted to share with you. This particular letter is from the world's leading provider of broadband satellite services, products, and managed network solutions.
After launching their Virtual Assistant, "ask ERICA", this fortune 500 company experienced astonishing results. They reached a 300% increase in sessions since inception, estimating about 10,000 end user interactions per month. Also, in a period of only a few months, the solutions provided by the Virtual Assistant had grown by 500%, with a first contact resolution rate of 82%. This company was able to provide their consumers with world-class customer support, while keeping their expenses to a minimum.
This company really utilized the metrics component of the Virtual Assistant allowing the Virtual Assistant to continually grow its knowledge base and that is why they were able to reach such a high first contact resolution rate. They could spot which questions were being asked that did not yield an answer and they could then add the solution to the Virtual Assistant.
noHold is continuously satisfying customers by providing them with five star customer support tools, along with many other products that increase satisfaction, while decreasing costs.Even today, companies using Virtual Assistants powered by noHold report impressive statistics. To check out some of the evidence supporting our products go to and click on any product to see how beneficial it can be.
Have a great week! Cheers.