Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Virtual Assistants That Keep Learning

     In light of Throwback Thursday, we wanted to share with you an article written about a noHold Virtual Assistant, Penny, in Money Management Executive. This article was written back in February of 2011 by a well know tech writer, Tom Steinert-Threlkeld. Click here for the full story. A subscription is required or you can opt for a free trial subscription as well. 

     I'm wanted to bring up one of noHold's customer's, 24/7 virtual employee, Penny because it is amazing the progress and knowledge she has accumulated since she was first implemented to their web presence. She began as EZintel (a product powered by noHold which is able to collect customer metrics), only being able to "answer one in four or one in five questions, correctly." Since she started off as EZintel she was essentially an empty Virtual Assistant. Penny started as an edit field that preempted the contact us page and simply asked "how can I help you." She started off with zero answers, just captured free form intelligence from the audience. They analyzed what kind of questions/comments customers were asking and updated Penny's knowledge accordingly. The more people that engaged with Penny, the smarter she got. EZintel allows your company to collect actionable consumer behavior metrics making it easier to give the consumers what they really want.

     Today, Penny is still reducing support costs as a fully fledged Virtual Assistant, able to answer questions from a wide array of topics that consumers are looking for. She has now expanded internationally on this particular customer's site as well as their customer's sites. To try out Penny for yourself, click here.