Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Latest Virtual Agent Implementation for a Loyal Customer

I wanted to write a short blog to share some exciting news with everyone!

Just recently, a leading company in stock investment management went live with a new Virtual Agent addressing investor related questions from the UK user base. This implementation is slightly different from other Virtual Agents from this company in that it utilizes the role functionality to separate content based on the user’s country in the UK – Great Britain, Ireland, and Jersey. " Roles" functionality is a unique noHold feature, allowing specific content to be accessible based on rules such as geographical location, type of user, etc.  

This company also provides great customer support by extending Virtual Agents to their partners so they can utilize them as well. Partners include a big box retailer, a manufacturer of planes & trains, and more. Virtual Agents are a valuable part of a well balanced client service ecosystem, especially for a company employing over 12,000 people across the globe, providing services in over 20 countries to more than 16,000 clients.

This  Company continues to be a great partner with noHold, with an additional 8 portals slated to go live in the next quarter.