Thursday, August 8, 2013

Customer Spotlight: noHold Enhances Webroot's Customer Support Program

A leader in cloud-based security intelligence solutions, has revamped its customer support program to increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiencies.  As this company brings the power of software-as-a-service (SaaS) to Internet security for consumers and businesses, the company is also a pioneer in providing cutting-edge customer support via the cloud, frequently resolving issues before a customer picks up the phone. noHold empowers the leader in the security industry with interactive and diagnostic Virtual Agent technology and Knowledge Management solutions as a part of its program.

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“We had to look at the team structure, training and career path as well as the way that our customers contacted us to start identifying a complete solution,” said Amy Wiley, Vice President of Worldwide Customer Support and Threat Research at Webroot. “Our customers needed to connect with the right people, with the right knowledge and in the right place, and it needed to be fast and easy.  In addition, we felt that it was extremely important to carve out a technical operations team, whose job is to focus on why our customers were calling us, and ensure the information they need to help themselves is easily available.”

“This has been an incredible journey,” said Michael Davies, Manager Technical Support Operations at Webroot. “We have migrated all of our customers from the old support model to a new way. The new world is faster, leaner, meaner, smarter, and automated.  We were already working hard to keep up, now we are working smarter too.”