Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Business Case: Leader in Security Software Becomes a Global Success with a Multilingual Strategy

Did you know "1 out of 5 people living in the United States speaks a language other than English in the home?" (RedLine) Not only do big name companies marketing their brand all over the world need to be prepared; companies marketing to consumers in the US need a multilingual strategy, too. Offering support for your products/services in multiple languages is imperative for your company to be a global success. noHold Virtual Agents are language independent, meaning they can operate in any language to suit global needs. We have implemented Virtual Agents in many languages such as: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, German, and Russian.

Here is a quote written in a previous blog from a noHold customer offering their Virtual Agent in Japanese.

"The noHold Virtual Agent has allowed Webroot to expand its support offerings in the Japanese market. With a small team in Japan, we are committed to continuously identifying ways to improve our customer’s experience while managing our support costs. In just the past few months since implementing our Japanese Virtual Agent we have already seen a significant return on our investment and improved customer satisfaction. Our customers expect only the best service from Webroot and we have an obligation to deliver nothing but the best possible experience to our customers. The noHold Virtual Agent is an integral part of our support operations and key to helping us uphold this standard of excellence." - Michael Davies, Manager Technical Support Operations at Webroot.

Living in such a diverse market, trusted brands need to make sure they are creating an excellent customer journey for ALL their consumers. Appealing to customers in their native tongue makes them feel valued as a customer. This multilingual strategy applied by a Security Software leader reduced support costs, increased customer satisfaction, and in turn, created loyal customers.