Monday, March 10, 2014

A Self-Driving, Personal Virtual Assistant

Smart car sales are continually increasing in popularity since their adoption in the US. Each year they seem to be getting a little more advanced. For example, Apple has created CarPlay, which they launched at the Geneva Motor Show. This software provides iOS users a hands-free option to make phone calls, check voice mail, etc. It is comparable to having a Personal Virtual Assistant programmed into your car.

Similarly, Google is taking smart cars to the next level with their design of the self-driving car. If you live in the Silicon Valley, you have probably seen Google’s self-driving car in action. The video above is Google’s vision for the future of smart, self-driving cars. With the Internet of Everything (IoE) era among us, and the ability for devices to connect with each other, this vision of less congested, safer roads is not too far away. Automobile manufacturers are already incorporating smart machines in vehicles for things such as hands free GPS, and music. How will smart machines and Artificial Intelligence continue evolving along with self-driving cars?