Monday, March 3, 2014

And the Oscar Goes to...Artificial Intelligence!

...Spike Jonze, the screenwriter of the film "Her", a film based around a man (Joaquin Phoenix) that falls in love with his Operating System (Scarlett Johansson). Congratulations to Jonze and all the individuals who worked so hard on the film. This movie has really opened people's eyes to a world of advanced technology; a world integrated with Artificial Intelligence. An A.I. movie winning an Oscar is validation that people are more comfortable with the evolution of A.I. and the reality that it will become apart of our daily lives.

Similar to the Oscars, some of our clients win prestigious awards for improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and great Customer Experience, augmented by self-service technologies such as a Virtual Agent (i.e. Artificial Intelligence). Fortune 500 companies utilizing Virtual Agents as a primary resource for online support are winning award titles such as TSIA's STAR Award for "Best Online Support" and "Excellence in Online Support." This just further solidifies the success and consumer demand for this technology. 

Have a great week!