Monday, March 31, 2014

Barcelona Moves Forward With the Internet of Everything, Becoming One of the Top Smart Cities in the World

The Internet of Everything (IoE) movement is booming. More and more people are connecting devices to the Internet every day. In fact, Barcelona, Spain has already embraced the Internet of Everything ‘lifestyle.’ Check out an example below (by Cisco) to see how they've created a smart city, successfully.

"Worldwide Smart City spending on the Internet of Things will be $265 billion in 2014" (IDC). Soon, most major cities will become smart cities; making positive changes for the lives of many. The ability to stay connected is meant to make everyday activities less daunting. For example, in the video above, Barcelona eliminated a large chunk of street traffic by making it easier for people to find parking. In addition, the smart bus stop allow people to find route information and insight into the surrounding areas. They turned what was a long, unpleasant activity into an interactive experience with the city.

Integrating a Virtual Agent into the Internet of Everything sensation will only increase the satisfaction of future communities. Similar to Siri, whenever you have a command or question about your connected devices, a Virtual Agent will act as a 'butler' and will help manage all your connected devices via a single user interface. To find out more on how Virtual Agents will augment the Internet of Everything, click here.