Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Virtual Agents Get Praise Directly from End Users

We love hearing positive comments back from our clients about their success stories with our Virtual Agents. It is also rewarding on a different level to hear from the end users directly (our clients’ customers). Having people who actually interact with the Virtual Agent say great things about their experience further validates the benefits of a Virtual Agent.  

Here is a quote that we found on a community forum page coming straight from someone who used the Virtual Agent:

“Wow, that’s a pretty great innovation. Nice job Alienware!”
–User of Computer Hardware Virtual Assistant.

Receiving praise is always good, but getting feedback from Virtual Agent users is invaluable. Who knows better than the user if the VA is meeting their needs. In one instance we asked a user of a computer software Virtual Agent how we can improve this tool:

"I like the instant answers. After I got used to it, I considered it a very useful troubleshooting tool (in some regards better than live chat)."

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