Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Small Business Owner Launches Virtual Assistant to Aid with Customer Service

In light of small business week (May 12-16), this press release announcing one of noHold’s first small business customers to utilize a Virtual Assistant (circa 2011), seems fitting. 

Jessica Rust of Rust Designs creates personalized dinnerware that can be purchased online or be found in stores all over the US. As with many small business, it was hard to keep up with customer questions about products/services. To try and reduce the volume of email/calls Jessica was getting about FAQ’s, she opted to implement a Virtual Agent. With only a few hours of training, she was able to build her own Virtual Agent, customize the avatar, and is still able to manage/maintain the Virtual Agent on her own.    

Small businesses, such as Rust designs, are at the core of a healthy economy. By making the cutting edge technology that corporations use, accessible to companies that employ less than 25 people, it can contribute to the companies success and the growth of the economy.