Monday, June 16, 2014

A Virtual Agent for the Internal Help Desk: 92% of Users Would Recommend it to a Colleague

Here at noHold we work with clients from multiple industries to provide them with the most interactive and diagnostic Virtual Agent solution. We are able to customize each Virtual Agent based on specific needs for individual companies. For example, one company was looking to reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) while still providing their customers with a great experience. In this case, they utilized the Call Center App, a VA designed for Call Center agents to reduce churn, AHT, and aid in training and consistency. 

Albert is another example of a Virtual Agent designed to improve the customer experience. Albert was created for internal use; to answer employee questions about the latest devices, applications, and operating systems. While Albert is an expert at all things IT, that is not the only topics he knows about. Albert has the flexibility to answer a wide array of questions specific to your company. For example, concerns involving HR and company policies. A custom version of Albert can be created to optimize employee use and satisfaction. 

Here is a video demo of Albert to show you how he operates.  

If you are interested in 'meeting' Albert, you can take a  test drive. By participating, you will be able to try out the Virtual Agent first hand and provide noHold with valuable feedback so we can continue to improve Albert. Participants who complete the test drive, can get a complimentary t-shirt. (Please note: sizes are limited, and shipping is limited to North America). 

Click here to take Albert for a spin. Enjoy! and