Monday, August 4, 2014

Google's Top Projects That Are Bound to Change the Way We Live

Do you ever think that Google is trying to dominate the World? Lately, they have been getting their feet wet in many different projects. Here is a video talking about the top 5 futuristic Google projects that might improve your life. 

Video Source:
  1. Google Fiber- speeding up your home internet
  2. Project Ara Modular Phone- being able to completely customize the features on your smartphone. 
  3. Project Tango- Phone will be able to map out the area around you in 3D. This means that Google Map will finally be complete with 'inside building' information and always be a step ahead in the navigation market.  
  4. Project Loons- Getting high speed internet to remote locations, such as the Himalayas. 
  5. Self-Driving Car- This has been a long-term project that has been making its way to the streets recently. With these self-driving cars, Google will have better 3D road data and be able to reduce road congestion. 
Google has also been looking into Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) research. With their acquisition of DeepMinds and launching a Quantum A.I. Lab hosted by NASA's Ames Research Center, it seems like Google has some big plans for the future that will include advanced A.I. (Google Buys Artificial Intelligence Company DeepMind).

Their Virtual Assistant, Google Now, is seeing improvements as well. Recently, Google announced the release of Google Now Launcher, a cleaner, simpler, more customizable way to organize your home screen. "On an Android phone, the launcher is basically the maĆ®tre d': it's the bit of software that welcomes you onto the phone, is in charge of the home screen, and does the behind-the-scenes launching of any apps. It's in charge of the layout of arguably the most important and frequently seen bits of the operating system, and as such is quite important." (Google Now Launcher Explained: What You Need to Know)

What do you think about leaders (such as Google and Facebook) investing in Artificial Intelligence? Do you see a future where Artificial Intelligence is all around you? 

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