Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday: From the First Internet Search Engine to Predictive Search

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Approximately 24 years ago, the first Internet search engine was launched, they called it Archie. "It was used to index FTP archives to make finding files easier. How, as the technology for the World Wide Web was not invented until later in the year, it was not the first web search engine." (

Innovations to search engines took off after that. Ever since then, there has been ever-changing improvements to search engine tools. Engineers are continuously trying to come up with ways to make searching easier, and in a span of about a quarter of a century, search has innovated a lot.

In today's World, we use search for almost everything. The most common answer to a question we don't know is, "Google it." It has become so easy to search for information on the Internet with the use of complex algorithms that analyze text (and voice in some cases) to provide you with the right content.  

Going forward, predictive search is a hot topic in the tech community. Google started using predictive search algorithms a while back (remember when finishing your sentence in the search bar was a new phenomenon), but now predictive search is getting more intuitive. Not only can it make an educated suggestion as to finishing your sentence, it can suggest answers to questions you didn't even know you wanted to know based on prior interactions. 

As we can see, search is beginning to move toward a more intuitive and interactive based logic to find what you need. It is becoming more like a personal assistant that can communicate with you, rather than a simple list of archived files. What do you think about the future of search? With smart machines and the Internet of Everything, how do you think search will adapt to simplify the lives of the billions of connected users?