Sunday, March 22, 2015

Artificial Intelligence and Social Media: Integration of Virtual Assistants on Forums

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It is nothing new that social media sites are one of the most popular platforms for customers to complain, praise, or seek customer support. Once companies began to realize this trend, "adoption of social customer care programs increased fivefold from 12% in 2010 to 59% in 2013." (Aberdeen Group). 

With so many different channels that people look to for support, it is important to offer self-service solutions for people that want to find answers on their own terms, 24/7. Integrating Virtual Assistants with online communities, including social media and forums, is an effective way to increase customer satisfaction and decrease support costs. 

A Virtual Assistant and social media can work together to provide the best possible support for customers that prefer these channels. The Virtual Assistant can be embedded on a companies Facebook page, automated on community forums to answer questions if it has a high degree of certainty, or leveraged as a tool that could be used prior to posting a question to the community.

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