Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cortana on Windows Phones, PCs, and now...Apple and Android Devices

Photo Credit: Yahoo! Tech
With the summer release date for Windows 10 to come out, Microsoft is making some big moves this year. In addition to Windows 10, Microsoft also announced that later in the year Cortana (Microsoft's Personal Virtual Assistant) will be available on Android and iOS devices via a mobile application (Yahoo! Tech). While Cortana might not have all the capabilities it does on a Windows Phone, Microsoft plans to continually improve its functions across all devices.  

What does this mean for the Virtual Assistant space?

1. It is further validation that Virtual Assistants are becoming the new norm. Big brands and industry experts agree that self-service and Artificial Intelligence is the way of the future and companies need to jump on board or risk getting left behind.

2. The competition between Siri, GoogleNow, and Cortana will stiffen, and in the coming months we will see how the public takes to Cortana's availability.

3. More companies (even outside the mobile market) will continue to invest in advancing their Virtual Assistant technology to better serve the consumers. 

What is your opinion on Microsoft's expansion to Apple and Android devices? What other implications does this have for Artificial Intelligence and the Virtual Assistant market?