Friday, October 9, 2015

4 Employee Engagement Trends That Every Company Should Adopt

In light of Customer Service Week coming to an end, I wanted to share the top four ways companies can increase employee adoption of new customer service tools. 
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Weekly updates- Sharing current company news (such as new customer service resources) as they are presented, equips employees to fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities. Also, circulating any updates or new features to current resources to make sure employees are making the best use of the tools around them. 

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Gamification- "By 2018, the Global Gamification Market will reach $5.5Bn." (DigitalChalkGamification can be used to enhance employee engagement through adding game-like elements into the work environment;  such as earning points for specific tasks, displaying leaders by rank, and more. By implementing this method, brands help motivate employees to adopt new technologies, generate healthy competition, and boost customer loyalty while.

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Giving opportunity to provide feedback- Focusing on engaging employees with effective feedback is important, and similarly, allowing employees the opportunity to discuss issues or ideas with their superiors is important. The above infographic maps out different factors that contribute to effective communication. 

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Offering Incentives- Who doesn't like getting free things? Offer incentives (gift cards, office perks, etc) to employees that show positive attitudes and behaviors. 

Change can be difficult. Employees might be stuck in their old ways and think, "I've done my job just fine without the use of this new tool, I don't need it." Using some of these strategies will help improve adoption, and increase employee satisfaction overall. In essence, employee engagement is what can take your brands customer service from good to exceptional.