Friday, June 10, 2016

How the NBA Finals are Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Players' Moves

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In the midst of the NBA Finals, basketball fans are eagerly anticipating the start of Game 4 in Cleveland tonight. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the two teams: which team is playing better, what players are doing the best, etc. But something fans might not know is how both teams are utilizing Artificial Intelligence to make game-changing tactical moves, A start up called Second Spectrum "uses AI and computer vision techniques to extract a trove of data fro video footage of NBA games. With their software, teams can better understand tendencies and probabilities of complex game strategies by running data-driven analysis that takes seconds - work that previously could take months of human analysis." (Wall Street Journal)

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The Cavs and the Warriors are not the only teams in the NBA to take advantage of this type of technology. About 14 other teams use it to determine where there is room for improvement. Here is an example of what the software can do:

"For example, a team defending a LeBron James pick-and-roll may want to know if a defense works better when James's defender goes over the top of a pick, or if the bigger defender should switch onto James - and when to make that choice different conditions."

We have been watching Artificial Intelligence becoming more of a prominent force within a wide array of industries: consumer electronics, support, IT, health, financial, legal, and now it is playing a larger role within sports. 

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