Thursday, October 27, 2016

Use Case: How Webroot Leverages noHold Artificial Intelligence

October 27, 2016, MILPITAS, CA – Recently, noHold had the opportunity to interview Webroot’s Knowledgebase Manager, Anna. Webroot, a leader in Internet Security, has been a long standing customer of noHold, and Anna has been managing the Virtual Assistant (VA) for almost three years now. Through that work she has gained lots of hands on experience with the VA, and learned best practices to getting the most out of it.

This interview asks Anna a hand full of questions regarding how Webroot utilizes their VA, ranging from how often the VA is updated to which reports and data are most beneficial. Here are a couple of the key takeaways from the interview.
  • “The VA is a huge asset for the support team and we try to utilize it to the best advantage. When any customer goes to our support pages on our website, the first thing  they see is a list of links to the most commonly used solutions in the knowledgebase, as well as a search box to access the VA directly.”
  • “[It] has been a huge help for our growing market in Japan.”
  •  “It helps me identify whether we have a true knowledge gap that calls for new content, or if I need to work with the support team directly to help users find what they need more efficiently.”
  • “Take some time to learn the back end of the VA before you start building out live content. It’s a fairly straightforward management structure, but there are little things here and there you can only pick up by fiddling with the system, and those are what really help make the VA what you need it to be.”

To read the full interview with Anna, click here.