Monday, January 9, 2017

Chatbots Are Not Just For Enterprises Anymore...

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Remember the blog, The Industry Recognizes Need to Democratize Virtual Assistants?

To refresh your memory really quick, Esteban Kolsky, someone who has been following the chatbot space since before they were known as chatbots, wrote a piece describing some key points on how the industry can move toward democratizing AI/chatbots. "
In that post, I claim that simplicity and democratization of the resources inherent to chatbot’s world can be used by small business easily to fulfill their needs.  I also make the statement that if this works for small businesses then anyone and anything can leverage chatbots.  My hope is that we can all, for professional or personal reasons, create and manage an army of chatbots that, easily and with limited or no maintenance, will allow us to focus on the real needs we have and simplify the easy interactions with others." 

Just last month, Esteban wrote another blog titled Democratizing Large Enterprise Chatbots for Small Businesses. Here he recognized our efforts put forth in making the creation of a chatbot simpler, cheaper and easier to deploy with the launch of our new product Albert.  Albert is also being acknowledged by major publications such as Forbes, TheNextWeb, PCWorld and more. 

Lots of people have signed up for the Beta program of Albert, and it is receiving tons of positive feedback from small businesses to individuals using it for personal projects. As for the future, we are looking to make more features available such as UI customization and creating multiple chatbots on one account.

We are just glad that people like Esteban are recognizing this movement and embracing it! Cheers!