Friday, March 10, 2017

How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in the Call Center to Improve Productivity

Businesses face many different challenges when it comes to the Call Center. We believe there are some definite use cases for bringing Artificial Intelligence into the Call Center to alleviate some of these pain points. 

Here are a few ways a Virtual Assistant that is available to your agents will add value to your business, and tackle some of the challenges that these professionals face.

First off, churn can be high in some call centers, which can be expensive for companies. It can take up to a month for new agents to train and become productive. Providing a bot for these new agents to access at anytime during a customer interaction, can make them better prepared to handle calls, in a shorter amount of time; making them be just as productive as seasoned agents.

Another important aspect of the Call Center, is for agents to know how companies want them to respond based on their brand. Having a bot that knows exactly how you want your agents to answer questions, increases consistency and compliance within the call center. 

Even seasoned agents can use some help, too. Sometimes agents need to know a little bit of information about a plethora of products and services. Having a bot there as a reminder, or to keep up to date on ever changing products can be a powerful resource.  

Some of noHold's enterprise customers have Virtual Assistants implemented for their Call Centers already and have seen advantages such as decreased Average Handle Time (AHT), increased customer satisfaction, lower churn, and more. Click here to learn more about this story. 

Using Albert, you can create a similar experience for your customers using a word document containing all the information you want your Call Center agents to know and uploading it to the QuickStart platform. Then, the information they need will be readily available right at their fingertip. 

If you are interested, here are a few links to magazines we have found that write specifically about the Call Center space.

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