Thursday, April 27, 2017

noHold’s AI Continues to Improve Efficiency in the Call Center

SICURA QuickStart™ is making it easier than ever for Call Centers to adopt bots

April 27, 2017, MILPITAS, CA – Since the launch of SICURA QuickStart, users have shared multiple ways they are using Albert (the bot created from existing documents). One use case that adds significant value to businesses is leveraging Albert in the Call Center. Recently, a globally recognized conference brand based in Long Beach, CA, created an Albert designed specifically to help Call Center Agents become proficient quickly, and compliant when answering customer questions.

This Call Center is responsible for providing technical support and customer care to people in multiple countries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. After trying different methods and resources to help Agents, the Call Center Manager turned to noHold for help.
In the past, noHold has worked with large enterprises to implement Virtual Assistants in the Call Center, proving Artificial Intelligence works as a great resource not only for customers, but also Agents. According to a recent blog by Cisco, bots are included in the top ten technologies to consider for contact centers in 2017 (Cisco).  

Now, with SICURA QuickStart, the same concept can be applied using Albert, except no programming skills are required to create Albert and the implementation time is much quicker. The Call Center Manager was able to input all the content Agents needed to know about into one Word document, upload it to the QuickStart platform, and within minutes a bot was created. Agents are able to use Albert while replying to customers’ emails, and also while on the phone.  Specifically, the Call Center Manager achieved the following objectives: 
  • They reduced the time to get an agent up to speed from one month to one week.
  •  Agents were excited to get a tool that made their job easier and more fun, which decreased churn significantly.
  • Since Albert delivers information to the agents’ fingertips in real time, AHT dropped by 12 points.
  • Consistency and compliance of the information delivered by the agents improved significantly because agents were all leveraging one single source of information.
  • Albert provides specific reporting on how many questions agents ask every day and what most of the questions are about. This helps the Call Center Manager make sure that the company is always ahead of what is needed to make the agents successful. 

In summary, Albert took less than an hour to set up and it paid for itself upon launch. Most of all, Albert helped the Call Center Manager with the constant challenge of onboarding and training new agents necessary to keep the Call Center fully staffed.

Diego Ventura, CEO and Founder of noHold says, “We believe that Albert is taking the Consumerization of IT one step further, empowering agents with the same sophisticated tools, such as bots, that people are starting to use in their daily lives.”

To learn more about how businesses can leverage Albert to improve Call Center efficiency, you can find more information here.