Thursday, January 3, 2019

Virtual Assistant Usage to Increase in 2019

noHold, Inc. Welcomes 2019!

Happy New Year! As we all start getting back into our routines after what hopefully was a great holiday, I wanted to share a quick read from Forbes contributor, Bernard Marr, "5 Important Artificial Intelligence Predictions (For 2019) Everyone Should Read."

According to Forbes, this year we can expect to see many positive things come from the AI space. For one, AI use cases will continue to become more wide spread throughout different industries and sectors. Companies (in every industry) have seen the advantages to implementing an AI strategy. For example, when noHold first started creating Virtual Assistants in 1999, it was primarily for customer support purposes, and typically with the consumer electronics space. Just in the last year, we have seen AI adoption grow exponentially within the Financial and Educational industries. This just proves how versatile and commonly used Virtual Assistants are today. 

Also, this year we can expect AI user satisfaction to increase. As the technology continues to become smarter, more people will find AI-based Virtual Assistants to be useful. 

Here is an infographic found on demonstrating that automation and AI usage is expected to triple in 2019. 

For more information on Virtual Assistants, and how your company can benefit from this technology, feel free to contact noHold here to schedule a call. 

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