Friday, May 31, 2019

noHold Launches Single Point of Search (SPS) for the Enterprise

MILPITAS, CA, May 30, 2019 - noHold is proud to announce Single Point of Search for the Enterprise. This solution provides companies that have multiple repositories of information an easier way to find and efficiently deliver content to their customers.
Most companies have the difficult task of managing endless content from a variety of different repositories including knowledge bases, community forums, the web site, etc. Typically, each one of those repositories has its own Search capability, but none of them can search everything all at once. This paradigm presents problems such as having to duplicate content so it can be accessible in every repository, keeping each repository in sync with each other, and adding the appropriate tagging mechanisms that may be different for each repository.
Single Point of Search for the Enterprise eliminates these issues by putting a Virtual Assistant on top of all the repositories, so content may be found no matter where it resides. For example, if an end user asks, "How many employees does Company X have?" The Virtual Assistants knowledge base might not have that type of information, but the website should. In this case, the search tool would pull the answer directly from the website and still display it within the Virtual Assistants interface.
Here are a few specific features of Single Point of Search:
  • Natural Language Processor & Inference Engine
  • Ability to ingest existing documents
  • Ability to crawl existing repositories
  • Supports multiple languages (English, Spanish, Italian, etc.)
  • Works over multiple channels making it available wherever your customer may be (Web, voice, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.)
"Federated Search has been around for some years, but SPS adds two important features to it: a) the conversational style typical of Virtual Assistants and b) the ability of funding specific information within an existing document," said Diego Ventura, CEO and Founder of noHold, Inc.

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