Monday, April 26, 2010

Confederated Knowledge: Current Applications

Confederated Knowledge™ is a technology that noHold has recently launched. The basic premise is to give consumers the ability to leverage knowledge from other existing Virtual Agents. We believe this will change the way people get support for their products.

Nowadays so many of our products are interconnected. Think about connecting to the internet... Depending on your set-up there are multiple components that work to give you a solid connection. Obviously, you must have an internet service provider and a computer (two). Wired or wireless, there is at least a cable modem and possibly a router (two).

In this example there are four pieces of technology that work together to allow access to the internet. When you can't connect, which one is to blame? Where do you troubleshoot the problem? The ISP network could be down, your computer may have a virus, or you may need to reset your modem and router.

What Confederated Knowledge allows consumers to do is ask questions to any one of the partners' Virtual Agents about any of the products used to connect to the internet. Currently, Linksys by Cisco, Comcast, and Symantec are using this technology to connect their Virtual Agents.