Monday, May 3, 2010

Integrating Social CRM and noHold Virtual Agents

Jeremiah Owyang wrote a very interesting piece called "Social CRM: Not Your Father's CRM." Just like the title suggests, times are changing in the Customer Relationship Management world. Customers are now utilizing Social Media channels to project their voices and echo (often times), discontent with businesses.

It is of high importance for companies to pay attention. Look at each customer as a potential partner who can refer their friends and family to your products. If you have this outlook, tapping into Social Media to listening to customers becomes very appealing. There are literally millions of people who can promote your product, and vice versa.

But it is not just the ability to listen that is important. Conversing with your customers and addressing their needs is key. Integrating current CRM strategies with Social Media is all the rage now. It is easy to understand the importance of having a conversation with your customers. But is the Social Media model scalable? How can integration help your company better manage its relationships with customers, the millions of people using Social Media?

What are your thoughts?