Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Customer Spotlight: Cisco Consumer Division

Authors of a recent article in the Harvard Business Review recognized Cisco Consumer Division for “minimizing channel switching by increasing self-service channel ‘stickiness’.” Today, 84% of all customer contacts are handled through self-service on Cisco’s Consumer Website.

The article highlighted a new measure of customer loyalty, the Customer Effort Score. These authors suggest that the perceived effort has the greatest influence on whether a customer will return for business. This measure is intuitively sound and can perhaps be applied as a measure of overall satisfaction as well. For more information visit:

Cisco’s Consumer Division has been working with noHold since 2006. noHold now provides Virtual Agents and ArticlesManager™ for Linksys and Valet products. Both the “Guide Me” and FAQ functionality are provided by noHold. Try it for yourself:

On a similar note, noHold would like to congratulate Cisco Systems on recently being presented the Spring 2010 Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) Star Award for Online Support. The TSIA presents this award to companies that leverage Web-based solutions to provide effective self-service for their customers. For more information visit: