Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Creating a Personalized Experience…One Robot at a Time"

On August 16th, Computerworld posted an article titled "Scientists build a robot that can learn emotions." The story highlights researchers in the UK and their work on a robot that will develop emotions as it interacts with people. The editor goes on to say that the work being done today will empower robots to respond to emotion as well as learn to adapt and form attachments to particular people.

In the web-based self service space, a Virtual Agent like "Ask Emma" will not become your best friend. However, a Virtual Agent has the capability to "connect" to existing systems to create a personalized experience. A secure connection enables an end-user to log in to their account from the Virtual Agent interface. From here, the Virtual Agent can extract only relevant data like the user's name and product purchase history to assist in finding solutions.

Not only does the end-user receive a more personalized experience, but she also gets information tailored to her needs. Also, she does not have to enter product serial numbers or remember the exact model of her product to get answers. Once logged in, all relevant information is available to the Virtual Agent.

The overarching goals of InstantSupport are to provide a cost saving and effortless support experience so that customers are less likely to contact the call center and loose brand loyalty. By making sessions more personalized, companies lessen the effort of finding solutions. Also, by looking at past purchase history, only the most appropriate advertisements and up-sell opportunities will be presented.