Monday, September 13, 2010

Learning the Benefits of a SalesAdvisor

The SalesAdvisor is capable of providing answers to pre-sales questions. The ability to answer these types of questions increases sales. When customers get answers on their own terms it can mean the difference between purchasing a product and not purchasing one.

For example, let’s say Mary wants to upgrade to HDTV and would also like to upgrade to a HD DVR. By invoking the SalesAdvisor with a question like, “How do I upgrade?” Mary will be presented with any information related to upgrading products or services. From there, the SalesAdvisor can help her determine the package or product that is right for her, in this case HDTV with an HD DVR.

By looking at interactions such as Mary’s, noHold can tweak solutions to be more helpful and more relevant. Essentially, the SalesAdvisor becomes smarter over time. Companies can also see which of their products or services are having a greater effect on the market, while gathering the market intelligence to improve products and build laser focused marketing campaigns. Customer behavior metrics empower your company and noHold to make changes that help increase sales by promoting consumer trends and up-selling products and specials based on location.

Though the pre-sales environment can be unpredictable, SalesAdvisor provides the feedback you need with complete flexibility to respond quickly to customer demands. The best part is that you don’t have to boil the ocean and predict every question before going live – The solution is designed to grow organically over time and respond to real customer queries.

The SalesAdvisor includes other features like a multi-pane user interface that allows space for advertisements and product videos. With a completely customizable user interface customers can add logos, multimedia, and colors that represent their brand. All noHold products come with the people, processes, and technology to provide a best in class customer experience.