Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Diversity of Integration: Escalating to a Live Chat

Although a Virtual Agent may be able to solve the large majority of end-user problems, there are some cases where escalating to live support may be necessary. In these instances, a noHold Virtual Agent can automatically pass the session log to an alternate channel (a live chat, email contact, etc.).

Our customers will see vast improvements on two
fronts. First, the end-user experience will be exponentially more cohesive and fluid. That is, users will not have to search from page-to-page for answers and contact information, but rather, be automatically redirected to the appropriate channel. Ultimately, this can lead to increased customer satisfaction, and in turn, increased brand loyalty. Second, due to the fact that the session log is passed along, the receiving agent already knows the user’s problem before the live chat even starts. This assures that even if your user has to go through escalations, there will be time-saving measures in place.

For example, if an end-user asks a question that requires human interaction, or if the knowledge base does not contain the answer the user is looking for, our Virtual Agent can direct the end-user to a live chat.

After entering their name and zip-code, the end-user is brought to a live chat, where they can ask their question to a company representative. On the other end, the company representative does not need to take the time to find out what the end-users question is, because the Virtual Agent has already provided the entire chat log.

As seen in the screen shots, Comcast currently has noHold's live chat integration up and running. To integrate your own live chat with a noHold Virtual Agent, contact us today: