Thursday, February 17, 2011

noHold Featured in Money Management Executive

Keep a look out for the February 14th edition of Money Management Executive, which features an exclusive look at how Computershare(C) has utilized noHold Virtual Agents to assist in online customer support. The article provides a fascinating look at the implementation and development of a virtual agent, as well as a few of the business benefits associated with installing noHold technology.

"The introduction of [a noHold Virtual Agent] was a means of increasing the automation of interactions with customers, but doing it in a more personal—and more precise—manner."
-Money Management Executive

A Penny Learned: How a Virtual Agent Gets the Job Done

Volume 19, Issue 7

The article was penned by long-time tech writer Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, and in keeping true to his previous body of work, is extremely well-written. The full story can be found here (subscription required).

Please visit the noHold website for further information on how implementing a Virtual Agent can help your business increase customer satisfaction while reducing support costs. Click the above picture to see Computershare's implementation, Penny, up close.