Friday, February 24, 2012

Customer Feedback Fridays: The CK Movement

Confederated Knowledge™ (CK) or the ability to seamlessly 'connect' Virtual Assistants/Virtual Agents is proving to be very important for companies, especially in industries like Telecommunications, Personal Computing (PC), and peripheral devices. I can remember a number of instances when using my laptop and something went wrong. Unsure of where to troubleshoot my problem, I started looking for answers in the wrong place. There are many industries where CK is valuable, and today we would like to share a customer feedback specific to the PC industry.

Happy Friday.

"Complex technology issues often involve various brands of hardware and software. Each manufacturer often has the most knowledgeable experts on their product; Confederated Knowledge allows us to connect customers with the subject matter experts in a collaborative fashion while still ensuring that the customer receives a satisfactory resolution by staying involved in their support experience." - eSupport Manager, one of the top 3 PC manufacturers.

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