Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TSW Day 2 - Cisco/noHold Case Study

The second day of TSW was full of excitement, case studies, networking, and finished with prize drawings. One of the highlights of the day for noHold was the customer case study session with long time customer, Cisco. Tarik Mahmoud, eSupport Manager joined Diego Ventura (noHold's CEO) to discuss: Positioning the Support Organization as the Leader in Innovation. Diego began the presentation by introducing noHold to a full room of attendees. Tarik followed by discussing his approach to Cisco's award-winning multichannel support strategy, understanding different types of customers, and providing them with the right experience for their needs. After 'knowing' the end customer, Cisco provides the tools to create a successful engagement. In addition to providing a great experience to its customers, Cisco drives innovation by listening to the Voice of the Customer and providing that intelligence back to the Business Units, who in turn transform the voice in actionable ROI.

For example: If a new product is launched, and the Guide Me tool reports that there is a connectivity issue, Tarik's group can push that information back to product development and/or engineering. The respective business units can decide if there is a real issue with the product and quickly take action.

Big thank you to the Cisco team for being a great customer, and for sharing your self-service journey today.

If you would like to hear more details about the customer case study with Cisco at TSW, please contact us.  Stay tuned for more highlights tomorrow as we wrap up Spring TSW 2012.