Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TSW Day 3 - Final Day and Awards

It was another great day at TSW. The morning began with a session hosted by John Ragsdale as he revealed details of his tell-all book, Lessons Unlearned.  John described his life long journey in support, stories from his vault, and the approach he took to compile the book. All attendees received a free copy, and it looks like an interesting and provocative read!

Another highlight (and a favorite) of the day, was the Service Revolutions Competition. Attendees filled the ballroom and had the opportunity to vote for cool new products, services, and start-ups.  According to TSIA, Service Revolutions is like American Idol for the technology industry.

Following the voting, attendees ended the day with an awards luncheon. If you are interested in the awards, the selection criteria, and the winners, click here for more. I do want to give a shout out to Cisco for achieving the Star Award for Excellence in Online Support. Tarik Mahmoud took the stage to receive the award. Cisco is no stranger to accolades and has received the Star Award (as well as others) multiple times for their commitment to the customer.

Tomorrow I will share more pictures to highlight the excitement at TSW. Overall, great experience.