Friday, June 22, 2012

Customer Feedback Fridays - Agile Robots

In an article published by Computerworld (, Berkeley scientists built a robot that could someday be used by military as a first responder. The scientists were studying the agility, and ability of inversion performed by animals and insects; in particular, the cockroach.

Scientists watched as a cockroach vanished from sight; using its back legs, the cockroach (and other subjects like a gecko) was able to flip itself under a ledge. By studying this behavior, scientists hope to create robots that can potentially be used for the military to act as first responders and avert the enemy.

Robert Full, a Berkeley professor of integrative biology, said new knowledge about cockroaches definitely can help make better robots.

"Today, some robots are good at running, some at climbing, but very few are good at both or transitioning from one behavior to the other," added Full. "That's really the challenge now in robotics, to produce robots that can transition on complex surfaces and get into dangerous areas that first responders can't get into."

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Robert Full was right. Even with web self-service, leading companies aim to create an experience {for their customers} that can act as a first responder, transition during complex interactions and get into areas that other technologies can't get into. Though companies are not studying cockroach behavior, the ultimate goal is the same: Agility.
Agility is characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement. To have an agile mind is to be mentally quick or alert.

Once, websites were flat, brochure-like properties used to advertise a company. Today, websites have become interactive and diagnostic, with 2 way communication between the end user and your company. In fact, according to analysts and much research, most users would prefer to use your website to interact and self-serve.

When it comes to your own self service initiatives, do you have a first responder strategy that can right- channel your customers? Do you envision agility and the ability to transition in complex situations? Or do you prefer the flat, brochure-like experience? In this case, I think I will have to side with the cockroach.

Enjoy your weekend.