Friday, July 27, 2012

Customer Feedback Fridays - Let the Users Help Design the Experience

What a great week. I had the opportunity to sit down with one of noHold's implementation managers, and hear about some exciting things that our customers are doing. Of course, all of the projects were exciting, but one really caught my attention.

One noHold customer is allowing tier 3 support agents to update content in the Virtual Agent. This is extremely powerful, as support agents have their ear to the voice of the customer.
Not only are these agents contributing content, but they are also using the Virtual Agent to answer questions during a call. During the phone conversation with the end user, agents guide them through the process and show them where to find useful self-service tools online. What a great idea - solve the problem, but show them how easy it is to find the same resources online.

One of my favorite parts about this story, is that while noHold's customer was designing this experience, the company posted a comment in the community forum soliciting end user feedback on the Virtual Agent.
They (the company) specifically asked for feedback in designing the customer experience. And by asking for the participation, noHold's customer received some great responses. Here's the forum post:
"We're working on an automated troubleshooting tool to help you diagnose and repair problems just by typing a symptom into the search box. We want you exclusively to help us design it to fit your needs, so any feedback would be appreciated!"

Nice job, noHold customer! And because it's Customer Feedback Friday, I'll leave you with a few comments from the community. Enjoy. 

I think that looks awesome :D Great idea
Awesome idea. Can't wait to see how well this is going to work :)
In the words of the great Tychus Findlay, "Hell, it's about time!"
Awesome job guys!