Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mission Possible: The Top Criteria for Successfully Completing a Knowledge Management Evaluation Assignment

As a support professional, your job is to make objective decisions that benefit your company as well as your clients, to make a difference, to become the hero and to be recognized for making an impact on the top and bottom lines. When choosing a Knowledge Management solution, the industry leaders turn to reputable sources like consultants, analyst firms, even recommendations from a trusted colleague.

Today, we want to offer you an inside look at what some of the largest, most well-known businesses are asking when searching for and evaluating a Knowledge Management solution. The million dollar question: What are award-winning support organizations looking for when evaluating self-help technology? Your Mission: Download the document, “Mission Possible: The top Criteria for Successfully Completing a Knowledge Management Evaluation Assignment” to get the inside scoop, to be better prepared when evaluating future solutions, and to evaluate your existing customer self-help ecosystem. 

"This guide has been designed to help you on your mission. You can use it as a tool to complete your Knowledge Management mission like a hero. Here you will find a collection of questions that award winning brands have used in their search for award winning support." -Sarah Ramoz, Marketing Operations Manager.