Thursday, April 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The Evolution of Knowledge Management

     This week for Throwback Thursday, I found a fascinating infographic about how Knowledge Management (KM) has altered over the years. Believe it or not, Knowledge Management has been around since 3500 BC when the cuneiform language was developed. The invention of this language paved the way for information to be shared, stored, and preserved. 
     Now if we fast forward to the 1990’s, when computer technology and the World Wide Web became hot topics “software vendors scrambled to develop Knowledge Management solutions as its presence in the corporate world blossom into something big. Microsoft and IBM both reposition their software to emphasize Knowledge Management qualities.” According to this infographic, having a Knowledge Management solution is a high priority for companies now a day. Big names such as those mentioned above, knew to be successful they would need an effective KM solution. Implementing KM solutions is a great way to allow people to contribute to information securely, help companies manage/organize information and
make it easier for people to search and find the correct information they are looking for.
      The future of Knowledge Management is ever expanding. There will always be further information to be added and new ways of sharing it.  Peter Drucker, a former management consultant and the man who coined the term Knowledge Management, said in an article in the Harvard Business Review, that its sole purpose is not only for managers to share  knowledge, but also to track innovation that occurs as a result. 
    You can find all this information and more by clicking on this link that will send you straight to the infographic which was produced by Socialcast.