Thursday, May 9, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Connected Virtual Agents

     For this week’s throwback Thursday, I wanted to bring your attention back to a blog written by Angela McIntyre, a research director from Gartner. Back in 2011, she wrote a blog titled "Human or Chatbot."  Angela discussed the advantages of Virtual Assistants, in particular the Virtual Assistants with the capability to pass the conversation on to a partner Virtual Agent. "Some providers of virtual assistant technology seamlessly link the virtual agent for the company that makes the device, with the virtual agent of the company that makes the connector box, with the virtual agent of the company that provides the software application, etc." noHold is the only corporation that utilizes this type of technology which we call Confederated Knowledge (CK). Since two out of three calls in the call center are related to third party products and services, it is advantageous to customer satisfaction (not to mention cost wise) to be able to direct your consumer immediately to the right solution.

     As always, I love to leave you with a quote, so here is a quote from Diego Ventura, the founder and CEO of noHold, Inc. "noHold is pleased to enhance the partnership between our customers through CK. However, the real winners here are the end users who can solve their problems quickly on their own terms without having to visit multiple sites." Click here for the full press release.

    Enjoy the rest of your week. Cheers!