Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Virtual Agents Integrating with Video Games?

I was looking for some Throwback Thursday photos to share today and I stumbled across a couple that caught my eye. How many people remember using a Macintosh like the one below? Here is a picture of a Macintosh model computer, circa 1984.
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Check out the floppy disk reader attached to the front of the computer screen! This brings back so many memories of playing "Oregon Trail" and other video games via floppy disks. Now a days, our phones (which are sleeker and smaller than computers) act as our computers. All you have to do to get a video game is go to the virtual "App Store" on your phone and buy a game in the palm of your hand...LITERALLY! Compared to video games from a decade ago, newer video games are much more interactive and have the ability to communicate with Artificial Intelligence. Here is a snapshot of a video game we all loved to play as  kids, Rad Racer circa 1987!
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Today, interactive video games, engaging life-like characters and virtual worlds are the norm. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, imagine what new capabilities video games and/or computers/tablets can achieve in just a few years from now. Maybe an interactive Virtual Agent implemented in your video game to answer questions, or become your virtual buddy? The possibilities are endless.
Have a great week!