Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Increase Sales by Providing a Great Customer Experience That is Easy to Socialize

The true customer journey encompasses attract, convert, fulfill and support.  Each of these milestones are chances for your brand to be present and make a difference. Mobile devices are becoming the new customer journey 'buddies'. When a prospective client walks into a store (or an online store), he or she is already checking reviews, asking friends on Facebook for advice, and doing his or her due diligence in order to make an informed purchase. When it's time to setup, get training, or support, your audience picks up the device and expects self service or another preferred channel. And during the entire process, social media is the sounding board to share a great find or write a customer satisfaction report that blasts the news feeds of close connections. 

Take a few minutes to see how Virtual Agent technology in the hands of your consumer can be a brand differentiator.  Learn how a simple QR code on product packaging can trigger a Virtual sales rep that follows your customer throughout the journey from attract, convert, fulfill to support. See how smarter self service yields increased conversion, increased customer loyalty, and takes your brand viral. 

View the SlideShare Presentation: How to Increase Sales by Providing a Great Customer Experience that is Easy to Socialize. 

P.S.  The holidays are approaching, and the support rush will follow closely behind. 89 days until Christmas day.