Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday: SalesAdvisor

Happy Throwback Thursday!
For this weeks throwback Thursday I wanted to share with you the first SalesAdvisor Virtual Agent launched by noHold, Ask Roxanne from a leading company in digital media software and services. They utilized their Virtual Agent not only for customer support, but also for sales. 
Lately, e-commerce has been booming, Google has even joined the e-commerce bandwagon with Google Shopping Express. This is a website where you can purchase virtually anything you need from featured stores such as Target, NobHill, Whole Foods, ect... and it all ships to your home on the same day. A business like that would benefit greatly from implementing SalesAdvisor because it can help customers with any questions they have, and also personalize their experience by suggesting items that go well with what they have already selected.   

It is fairly well known that self-service is effective for support, but it is also effective for sales! Creating a great customer experience online can be tricky. It is hard to demonstrate great customer service and personalization through the Internet. But the use of a Virtual Agent for support AND sales will complete the full customer journey circle; while creating loyal customers and increasing conversion rates.

SalesAdvisor has been around since 2005, but has been evolving ever since, too. Check out this slideshare presentation to find out what the future of shopping will look like.
Learn how a simple QR code on product packaging can trigger a Virtual sales rep that follows your customer throughout the journey from attract, convert, fulfill to support.