Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday: E-commerce Vendors Incorporating WCS Components into Their Strategy

Happy Throwback Thursday!
Lately, we have been hearing so many remarkable stories about e-commerce, online shopping, innovative QR code ideas, and more. Companies are really pushing the limits on what technology can do in the hands of the consumer. I thought it would be interesting to write a throwback on the first e-commerce software. 

Intershop Communications, founded in 1992, was the leader in e-commerce solutions. Once the World Wide Web became more common, they created the first German, web-based store in 1995. A year later, Intershop Communications was able to market “Intershop Online” to the U.S. This became the first e-commerce software in America. 

Today, e-commerce is such a huge space for businesses to generate more revenue. With the Internet at the palm of the consumers’ hand every day, it is critical for companies to have a smart e-commerce strategy. Leading analysts are now saying it is not enough to just have e-commerce software implemented on your website. It is imperative to construct a strategy that will create a full 360 experience for the customer; and that can be achieved by combining web customer service (WCS) components into your company’s existing e-commerce suites. One way analysts are predicting the vamp up on e-commerce is by e-commerce suite vendors partnering with Virtual Agent (VA) vendors to produce a greater overall experience for the consumer.

Here is an example of a leading security software company that utilizes a Virtual Agent not only for technical support, but also for sales. Since the implementation of the Virtual Agent, they have seen increases in sales by offering options to upgrade, purchase additional licenses, and buy premier support. Based on Virtual Agent metrics, 10% of the Virtual Agent interactions result in eStore referrals each month, averaging 1% “buy now” clicks, and 10% “more info” clicks per month.

Eventually, e-commerce, CRM, and web support will all work together to fulfill that 360 experience for the customer. And as noted above, the ROI for having a blended e-commerce and WCS strategy will be advantageous for your company.