Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday: "The Internet Commerce Directory and Buyer's Guide" of 1998

I came across an interesting version of an Internet directory that was published in 1998. The Internet Commerce Directory and Buyer's Guide (like the Internet phone book of 98') was a way for people to look up company profiles to find out their telephone numbers, website address, key executives, etc. When the Internet was still a new concept to the world, this directory was a great resource to find out about company profiles, industry articles, contact names, and financial data.

Today, this information and much more can be found online. There is no need for a printed directory, just type a company name in Google (or really any search engine), and out pops hundreds of links pertaining to that company; home webpages, articles, data, reviews, etc. 
It's fascinating to find pieces of technology history and think about the way things were, as opposed to how things are done now. 

Does anyone else remember using this directory to find contacts and information?
Happy Throwback Thursday!