Thursday, November 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The Advancement of Back-End Technology

This week I found a screenshot of one of the first administrative dashboards for a noHold Virtual Agent. As you can see to the right, noHold's "portal manager" was the place an administrator would visit to learn more about customer interactions with the Virtual Agent. The "portal manager" provided metrics to administrators that could be leveraged to augment customer satisfaction.

Knowledge Management has come a long way since the beginning of noHold. Companies now have the capability to gain more knowledge about their consumers and provide better service because of it. There are default metrics that companies can look at (effectiveness, abandonment, escalation, etc.) and they can also create custom reports. For example, a leader in the PC industry utilizing a customer-facing Virtual Agent is interested in custom reports by region. Being able to look at specific factors that are effecting support while getting closer to the end user experience is a major asset to building a stronger customer relationship. 

Another function for administrators that has evolved and become increasingly important is having open API's. With API's, administrators have complete control of the User Interface (UI) as well as integration with a myriad of 3rd party systems. This function gives companies the freedom to create seamless experiences while positioning the Virtual Agent in a way that complements corporate branding.  

Happy Throwback Thursday!