Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: How noHold Virtual Agents Were Born

This week I wanted to share a story about how noHold Virtual Agents were born...

Before noHold, the CEO founded another start-up company called STEFRA(TM), which helped create the concept for noHold. STEFRA(TM) was working with multiple consumer electronic companies, including the leading provider of personal computer and tablet accessories. (Remember the golf ball webcam?) STEFRA provided software included in these products. They began to receive lots of calls/emails regarding frequently asked support questions. The wheels started turning and that is where Diego Ventura thought of the idea for automating online customer support. Developing something similar to live chat, but instead customers interact with Artificial Intelligence. With this idea, STEFRA(TM) was able to start providing Virtual Agent technology for video software. Below is a picture of the first STEFRA(TM), prototype Virtual Agent.

Today, Virtual Agents have gained major popularity with consumers. Online self-service is what people demand and they are feeling more comfortable interacting with Virtual Assistants. Think about Siri or IBM's this era people are interacting with Artificial Intelligence daily!

Happy Throwback Thursday!